Several members of the TARDIS community have presented talks and posters to explain diverse applications of TARDIS as a research software.


Yssavo Camacho-Neves presented a poster on “500 Days in the Photospheric Phase of Type Iax Supernova 2014dt” at SuperVirtual 2021 in which she used TARDIS for modelling the spectrum of SN 2014dt.

Isaac Smith presented a poster on “Documenting Scientific Software” at Mid-Michigan Symposium for Undergraduate Research Experiences 2021 where he demonstrated how he made TARDIS documentation more user-friendly and interactive.

Ezequiel Passaro presented a poster on “An Open Source Framework for Atomic Data” for Reunión anual de la Asociación Argentina de Astronomía in September ’19 where he demonstrated the TARDIS package carsus.


Marc Williamson gave a talk on “Reconstructing Exploded Stars: Constraining Helium Mass in Stripped Supernovae” at SuperVirtual 2021.

Luke Harvey gave a talk on “Exploring SNe Ia with spectral synthesis code TARDIS” at Irish National Astronomy Meeting in September ’21.

James Gillanders gave a talk on Spectroscopic Modelling of the kilonova AT2017gfo at Irish National Astronomy Meeting in September ’21 in which he demonstrated how he used TARDIS.

Jaladh Singhal gave a lightning talk on “Using Jupyter Widgets to make Astrophysics Research easier” at JupyterCon 2020 where he demonstrated interactive visualizations & widgets he developed at TARDIS.