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Generating Custom Abundance Widget

This notebook demonstrates how to generate and display Custom Abundance Widget.

First, import CustomAbundanceWidget module from visualization subpackage to create the widget.

from tardis.visualization import CustomAbundanceWidget
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Initialize the GUI

There are four ways to generate the widget. You can generate it from .yml/.csvy configuration files before running any simulation.

Using a YAML file

widget = CustomAbundanceWidget.from_yml("tardis_example.yml")
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Using a CSVY file

# widget = CustomAbundanceWidget.from_csvy("demo.csvy")

Alternatively, you can generate the widget after the simulation from a Simulation instance or a saved simulation (HDF file).

Using a Simulation object

# sim = run_tardis("tardis_example.yml")
# widget = CustomAbundanceWidget.from_sim(sim)

Using a HDF file

# widget = CustomAbundanceWidget.from_hdf("demo.h5")

Display the GUI

No matter which way you use to initialize the widget, you can call .display() to display the GUI easily.


The image below is just a screenshot of the GUI for a demonstration purpose. If you want to interact with the GUI, please run the code in the notebook.

Custom Abundance Widget Demo
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