Credits & Publication Policies


We provide TARDIS as a free, open-source tool. If you are using it, please adhere to a few policies and acknowledge the TARDIS Team.

Publication Policies

If you use this code for any publications or presentations please acknowledge it. Please cite Kerzendorf & Sim 2014 in the text and add the following paragraph to the Acknowledgement section:

This research made use of \textsc{tardis}, a community-developed software package for spectral
synthesis in supernovae \citep{2014MNRAS.440..387K, kerzendorf_wolfgang_2023_8244935}. The
development of \textsc{tardis} received support from GitHub, the Google Summer of Code
initiative, and from ESA's Summer of Code in Space program. \textsc{tardis} is a fiscally
sponsored project of NumFOCUS. \textsc{tardis} makes extensive use of Astropy and Pyne.

If you use any of the full relativity treatments or use TARDIS for modelling Type II supernovae, also add Spectral modeling of type II supernovae. I. Dilution factors to the Acknowledgement.


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